What is Entropay?

Entropay is a virtual account that gives you access to a virtual visa card. With the help of the virtual card, you can make payment online in the places where Visa cards are accepted. Now it is used in 120 countries to make an online payment. It has made online payment easy, fast and safe.

Why Use Entropay?

People use Entropay because it is really fast and safe. The main reason that influences most of the people is that it doesn't need personal information to make the payment. When you make payment using credit cards, you have to input password and personal information. As a result, if the seller is not trusted, your personal information can be leaked and you may face different problems in the future.

But if you use Entropay as the payment method, you won't have to share personal information. Besides, the probability of information leak is very low. So, you can perform the transaction without hesitation.

Entropay allows you to make payment to another country from your country. For example- you can make payment in dollars or pounds or whatever currency you need, only if it is supported. It uses the mid-market rate in order to exchange currency. For, currency conversion, it keeps a percentage as a fee.

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